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StruXure Pergola X

Transform your outdoor space with the StruXure Pergola X, featuring automated louvers that adjust to your comfort. Ideal for controlling sunlight and sheltering from rain, this pergola enhances any patio with its sleek design and durable construction. Our outdoor kitchen cabinets are engineered to endure harsh winters and sweltering summers. They improve the utility of outdoor spaces and are ideal for hosting gatherings with family and friends, experiencing the joy of outdoor cooking, and much more.

Outdoor Living Spaces

USA's #1 StruXure Pergola Installer! Top-tier Service, Premium Products. Experience the Best in Outdoor Luxury!

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Structures & Shade

Step into a realm where functionality meets elegance, enhancing your outdoor living space with our diverse range of structures designed to provide comfort and style. From sleek pergolas to durable canopies, each option is crafted to offer the perfect balance of shade and aesthetic appeal. Explore our innovative solutions that not only protect you from the elements but also transform your outdoor areas into chic, inviting spaces. Discover the ideal backdrop for your outdoor gatherings and tranquil moments alike. Let us help you create a haven where you can enjoy the outdoors in any weather.

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StruXure Pergola X

StruXure Cabana X

MagnaTrack Motorized Screens

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